Culinary Arts Syllabus

 Course Syllabus


Culinary Arts I



Instructor: Mrs. Orosco


Course Description


This course will focus on learning and practicing basic to advanced culinary skills and techniques.  Students will be introduced to culinary vocabulary, ingredients, equipment, principals and techniques of cooking, and will learn to prepare delicious and creative meals as well as how to present them in a fun, safe, and team environment! Class instruction will include lecture, cooking demonstrations, and hands-on practice by students.


Materials and

 Lab Fee


Students will need a folder to keep notes and graded work in, paper, and something to write with. They will also need a three ring binder for their ongoing recipe book project throughout the semester.  A $20.00 lab fee will be collected from every student to help with materials for food labs.  Lab fees are to be paid before students can participate in cooking lab unless payment arrangements have been made with me. Optional: Dish washing gloves (students will be washing dishes with warm soapy water and bleach) 



EPSS Goals


High School Graduation: The percentage of seniors meeting all graduation requirements and receiving a diploma will increase by 3% from 78% to 81% as measured by the New Mexico Graduation Cohort Standards.


Numeracy Proficiency: The number of proficient students in math in grade 11 will increase to the Annual Measurable Objective (AMO) of 66% on the 2011-12 NMSBA.


Literacy Proficiency: The number of proficient students in reading in grade 11 will increase to the Annual Measurable Objective (AMO) of 75% on the 2011-12 NMSBA.


Proficiency in English for ELL’s: All English Language Learners will meet the requirements of the Title III AMAOs as measured by the ACCESS for ELLs and the NMSBA.


Least Restrictive Environment: The percentage of students being provided services in the regular education setting will increase by 3% from 64% to 67% as measured by the District LRE data provided.


Safe and Drug-Free Schools Conducive to Learning: All students will be educated in health promoting learning environments that are safe, drug-free and engaging for students.


Parent Involvement: Continue to increase the partnerships, relationships and communication among parents, school and community. Our amount of parent involvement will increase from 33% to 38% of the parents/guardians of DHS students will participate in school programs or activities.


Highly Qualified Teachers and Paraprofessionals: All students will receive instruction from a 100% highly qualified teaching staff for the grades 9-12th in all subject areas.


Assessment Plan


Student’s grades will be calculated based on the averages of the following activities.

25%     Class Participation

25%      Written Assignments and quizzes

50%     Cooking/Baking Labs


Grading Scale


A          90 – 100          Exceeds expectations

B          80 – 89                        Meets standards and expectations

I                                   Has not yet met expectations

C          70 – 79                        Passing grade but does not meet some standards

D          60 – 69                        Passing grade but only meets the minimum standards

F          Below 60          Failing, does not meet the minimum standards




Classroom Rules


Classroom Behavior:

  • Be respectful
  • Be on time
  • Be prepared
  • Be an active learner
  • Leave excuses at the door

Classroom Environment:

  • No running or horseplay
  • No IPods
  • No cell phones






Tardy Policy


As mentioned above, students are expected to be on time everyday. School policy for tardies can be found in student hand book.  The classroom tardy policy is as follows: if student walks into class on a lab day more than 5 minutes late with an unexcused tardy they will not be able to participate in the cooking lab and will have an alternative assignment. After 5 tardies, students are referred to the office.




Rules, Discipline, and Safety


Students are asked to please follow and adhere to the student policy handbook and classroom rules.


For the safety of everyone in lab, students must be properly dressed and behave in a safe manner which means no horse playing and running during lab.  Students MUST have hair pulled back and their chef coat or apron on at all times during lab.  If student does not follow these rules they may be asked to sit during a cooking lab with an alternate assignment or lose points.




Student Computer Use & Internet Access


Students must have a signed DPS Computer Use and Internet Access Release Form on file before they may begin using a classroom computer. This privilege may be revoked by the Deming School District administrators at any time for violation of the district’s acceptable use procedures and code of conduct.






Introduction to Culinary Arts

Prentice Hall




Safety, Health, & Environmental


As written in the New Mexico Public Education Department Career Standards, students will maintain a safe working environment…including:

  • Demonstrating knowledge of the relationship between health, safety, and productivity;
  • Ensuring maintenance of a clean work area;


Absences and Make-up Work


Students have the same number of days they missed to get in the make-up work they missed.  IT IS THE STUDENTS NOT THE TEACHERS RESPONSIBILITY TO INQUIRE ABOUT MAKE UP WORK!!!


Students are expected to attend class on a daily basis and to be seated and on time prepared with all materials and homework, and are expected to respect everyone in class and all class property.    BY NOT ATTENDING CLASS IS THE ONLY WAY NOT TO PASS!!!



Contact Information









Marissa Orosco, Family and Consumer Science Teacher

Deming High School, Hofacket Campus

Room 17A

Text Box: Mrs. Orosco reserves the right to modify this syllabus during the semester to improve the course.Conference Period: 3

(505) 546-2678 Ext. 2776





The primary goal of the course is to learn while having fun!


 Course Syllabus


Culinary Arts I



Instructor: Mrs. Orosco





Parent Signature Page



My child, ___________________________________ and I have read and understand the course description and requirements described in the attached Culinary Arts I Syllabus.



                                                                                    Parent Signature


Safety- It is my number one goal to keep my students as safe as possible during our cooking labs.  In lab students will be using sharp knives and cutting equipment, as well as electrical equipment.  They will be frying and baking working with different sources of heat.  Burns and scrapes do occur at times during lab.  Another issue is food allergies; please fill out the following information so that if an accident does occur during lab you can be notified by the nurse or myself. 


Phone numbers: (H)__________________






Food Allergies Child Has: _________________________________________________________


This signature page will be returned to Mrs. Orosco. Please keep the attached syllabus for your records.