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Dual Credit Information & Announcements

Dual Credit @ DHS

Get an Early start on your future!

Basic Information:

Dual Credit classes are regular college classes that also count for high school credit. Most of the Dual Credit classes are "Gen Ed" meaning they will transfer to meet required basic classes at any NM University or College. To verify that a class will transfer out of state you must speak with the Registrar of that particular institution. Face-to-Face classes meet one day per week from 4-6:45pm or 7-9:45pm. Class will be held at the Learning Center. You must provide your own transportation.  Classes may also be taken online if the student is up to the challenge.


an early glimpse of college life...


students to consider higher education...


college credit while still in high school...

!! Deadline to Withdraw from a Spring 17 class is Friday, April 7!!


Summer & Fall 2017 Registration

A registration event will be held April 26 & 27 for Summer and Fall (2017). Representatives from WNMU will be at DHS for parents and students to ask questions and register for classes. Class size is limited and they fill up quickly so early registration is a must. For more information please contact Bryan Simpson @ Deming High School: (575) 546-2678 Ext. 2631


  • Online classes have a $90 fee that must be paid by the student. 
  • Tuition is FREE and the textbooks are provided by the District. However lab fees are paid by the student.
  • Students must meet the expectation of a college class.
  • Many of the classes are "writing intensive".
  • There are no "excused" absences even for high school events like Spring Break, or Football games. The college may choose to drop you after only 2 absences. 
  • To sign up you must be passing all your classes and have a good attendance record.
  • Students may start the summer after 8th Grade and continue until the Spring semester of their Senior year.

Take Dual Credit @ DHS

There are some classes at the high school during regular class periods that qualify as Dual/College credit as well:

  • Computer Programing w/ DeLaTorre
  • Nursing w/Anderson
  • AgMech w/VonTress
  • Early Childhood Education with Peterson

Ask your counselor today for more information!

  If you have questions please contact:

Mr. Bryan Simpson

Instructional Coach, Deming High School 

Dual Credit Coordinator

Phone: 546-2678, Ext. 2631


Other Contacts:

Dr. Carey Walker

Director, Dual Credit Enrollment


Phone: 575-590-4779 



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