Who are we?

6 years ago

Educators Rising

there's power in teaching

Every teacher in America has the skills and experience to help all students achieve their potential. Educators Rising cultivates highly skilled educators by guiding young people on a path to becoming accomplished teachers, beginning in high school and extending through college and into the profession.

What is Educators Rising

Educators Rising is a national network of students and teacher leaders who are inspired and excited by the teaching profession. Starting with high school students, we provide passionate young people with authentic opportunities to experience teaching, sustain their interest in the profession, and help them cultivate the skills they need to be successful educators.

How We Do It

In high school, Educators Rising supports curricular programs where students explore the teaching profession and gain hands-on teaching experience. Educators Rising also helps students and teachers connect and deepen their learning through the EdRising Virtual Campus, a cutting-edge online community that offers rigorous resources to support the development of great teachers.

Join our Chapter!

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Become a Rising Educator

Get Inspired - Access "game film" of world class teachers in action and learn what makes them great

Get Prepared - Build your teaching skills and navigate the path to college and beyond

Get Active - Connect with aspiring educators and boost your résumé

Get Started - Educators Rising Teacher Leaders: Access a wide range of curricular resources and program ideas

Come by and speak with Mrs. Hill at Main Campus or with Mrs. Hays and Mr. Chacon at Hofacket Campus.

Also create a student account on the Virtual Campus Website to join the network.

It's that easy. 

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Meet the Staff

6 years ago

Kristy Hays, Teacher Leader

ESL Teacher & Reading Specialist                           Deming High School                                                 Hofacket Campus                                               (575) 546-2678 x2727                                             kristy.hays@demingps.org

Sandra Hill, Teacher Leader

Language Arts Teacher                               Deming High School                                        Main Campus                                                        (575) 546-2678 x2620                                             sandra.hill@demingps.org